Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Innocent looking storm damage

While this photo looks like a large room with a blue floor. This is actually a room severely affected by storm damage. The room is below sea level in a part of Boston essentially built from the water. Filled in to create living space. Not only was the storm water excessive but contaminated. Looking closely at the photo you will edges of the flooring are more turned up. The glue holding the tiles down has become detached. The entire floor has to come up and due to the age of the building tested for asbestos. Which it was not. There are a lot of hidden damages that happen when there is a storm don't go it alone  

Invisible Water

Storms bring a lot of water and damage.Once the standing water is gone. It is time to look for invisible water. Many times water will leave a mark on materials it came in contact with. Known also as a water mark. All too often though the water lurks within the materials such as walls, wood, and insulation. This water is not always visible Moisture Meters are used to measure how much water is really in the  materials and how much more drying is needed. Do not be fooled especially after a storm, the water you can not see can cause the biggest problems if not taken care of properly

Storm damage in a Boston Restaurant.

Storms in Boston in the winter do not always mean feet and feet of snow. It can mean feet and feet of water, frozen water. This is a prime example of that. Storms caused internal damage due to frozen pipes. This results in no heat or electricity for safety reasons so many times our team has to tough it out in partially frozen water. These are not ideal conditions to work in. Boston in the winter

Flooding into a home through the walls

Water will always find a way.. Storm damage is nothing to take lightly. Walking into a mess can be daunting. Working with a professional that will be with you every step of the way