What our Customers say...


We had a strange smell in the business. The team came out and found a dead mouse trapped in my walls. They removed them and the smell went away. 

We had some mold removal in bathroom. They helped out us. 

They are the best of the best. The other companies don't know what they are doing and they stand behind their service. 

We were making our Christmas Eve meal when we had a grease fire. They came out that night and helped remove all soot and debris. 

Water leaked thru my basement windows and ruined all my important memories. The team helped me sort thru the damage versus undamaged and removed all water. Would use again. Team was friendly 

I called at 2am in morning because we had a fire in my house. They came out within an hour and gave me security I was in right hands. 

My aging parents' home had a damage, I trusted Ben and his team to help them through the process. 

My daughter was taking a bath and it overflowed on the floor and thru to my down stairs. They removed all damaged areas and the rebuild was seamless.

I needed a deeper cleaning of my kitchen. They came and were finsihed in a day. Amazing job! 

I see their billboards everywhere and when I had an issue I called them. Glad I did.

We called them when another company said they couldn't come out for a week. They came that day and started the process. It was quick and easy.

We had damage from a storm and they came out so quickly. Thank you and they dealt with our insurance. 

We had a small fire damage from electrical issues. They helped us out some much, Will use again if I need it.

I woke up to water all in my kitchen. My dishwasher had a major leak and destroyed my house. Melinda came out and reassured they would take care of everything and they did. Thank you Melinda.

Ben we wanted to just reach out and thank you again this year for coming to our annual golf tournament. Especially this year the kids really need to see this kid of support from the community and local businesses. Our mission for outdoor sports and kids having access to them is more important than ever and we are eternally grateful. 

We wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have Melinda on our board. She has been invaluable and helps with a lot of events and fundraising efforts for the Revere Chamber. Your companies support means a lot of the chamber and the city of Revere thank you for letting her spend some of her time with us. 

As a property manager I wanted to let you know it means the world to me that you sent someone to come talk to our entire condo association and explain the process because there were so many owners affected by a flood here in town, over 30. I was grateful because it was even after normal hours. It was so helpful to have us all get questions and answers in one place and for them to come after hours to all as many of us to be there as possible. She was very professional and helped guide us through everything. Thank you so much 

Chris came out after we had talked to Ben about a tree that fell into our house. He was amazing, he came up with a plan and had his team here in less than an hour. It was a huge mess but they really helped us out and let us decide what we wanted to keep before throwing anything else out. 

Small retaining walls and the ocean do not mix. We found that out the hard way when the a storm rolled through Winthrop and flooded half the town. Our condo unit was ok but our storage in the basement of the building was not. Ben sent over his team and helped us go through everything that was or was not able to be saved then dried out the space so we could start over. We wanted to let you know you team made this hard process much easier. Thank you so much 

A tornado ripped our roof off along with others near us. Debris was everywhere. Home was a mess stuff was just everywhere and our home was ruined. Ben and his team came in to help us clean it all up. We were surprised they even took the stuff from our backyard that was not even our stuff. We are so thankful he came out to help us.

Storms and high tides, left chest deep salt water in our home. What a mess we lost appliances, dishes, curtains, clothing cabinets, furniture walls, flooring you name it. Ben and his team  came in and took it all and help us document it all for the insurance company. You guys did a great job. 

We do not know what happened just that our smoke alarms went off in the middle of the night. Once we realized what was going on and it was not a false alarm we got out and called 911. In the morning our insurance agent told us to call SERVPRO. You guys made everything so easy.. Thank you 

Someone dropped a curling iron into a bathroom sink full of water at the house. It caused a fire at the electrical outlet. Our 2nd floor had a lot of damage. Our insurance adjuster told us to call SERVPRO. We could not be happier that did. They were able to provide us with all the special contractors that we needed, Plumbers, electricians, re-construction companies you name it they had someone to recommend. We were so glad to have their help because we did not know what to do. 

SERVPRO came out after a small kitchen fire we had put out in time. That foam made quite a mess, along with the fire and smoke damage. SERVPRO was able to get in and remove all the damage and clean everything so quickly. It was great. 

A home next to ours caught fire. Everyone got out safely thank goodness but their home was a total loss. Our home being right next to theirs was severely impacted by the smoke. We did not know what to do. We did not have our windows open or anything but we had a layer of soot on almost everything. We called SERVPRO of East Boston and they came right out with these special sponges and cleaners. It was amazing so grateful. 

Our facility shut down for a while when COVID-19 hit in March. We started to enter our buildings in June to assess reopening options and guidelines. We found that our 45,000 sqft facility was flooded. It ruined the building and delayed this location's ability to reopen. SERVPRO was there to get everything that was wet out and dried. They also provided with local valuable connections for getting everything put back together. So that we could get back to being open as soon as possible for our members. 

We work with SERVPRO on a frequent basis. We manage and maintain homes throughout the commonwealth. We also have some day function facilities on the Northshore. SERVPRO has worked on both large and small projects for us over the years. Helping us maintain safety protocols especially recent decontamination cleanings needed due to the COVID -19 crisis. They are a valuable resource to have in our back pocket for when things are too much for our maintenance staff

We had a water loss at our medical facility a while back. Called SERVPRO and they were able to complete the work with very little interruption to our facility and our clients. We were grateful they were able to around our schedule and come in on a holiday so we did not have to close. 

Hi Ben, Thanks for the plumber referral and you guys did a nice job. 

Thank you 

Ben we were talking last night and we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you prioritizing the work and getting those devices installed yesterday so they could get us on the right track great work. Thanks. 

Melinda and the SERVPRO team are fantastic. They are great communicators and do solid work. 5 stars

Fantastic company and service.
Thank you for saving my home!
these guys with Hamel Painters Cleaned and prepped my damaged walls and floors
the house looks as good as new now!
thank you.

I had a pleasure to deal with this team for the leakage assessment and clean up. They were efficient, professional  and responsive. If you are looking for a pro guys to get a job done I would not hesitate to call them.

We moved into a brand new home last year and unfortunately our water tank sprung a leak and flooded our walk-out basement and then flowed into our garage, too.  What a mess!  I contacted the owners and their SERVPRO Team came out the next day and "made it like it never even happened".  The team was professional, courteous, respectful of our property and were very easy to work with during the clean up process.  I'd highly recommend them for your water, mold, etc. needs. Very responsive!

SERVPRO is knowledgeable, responsive and able to mitigate crisis. I'm impressed with SERVPRO's ability to coordinate with vendors and ability to get the right paperwork processed for the best possible insurance coverage.  In the event of fire, water or other damage, the ReadyPlan app makes an undesirable event as painless as possible.

SERVPRO of East Boston is very professional. The App is also fantastic and easy to use.

Fantastic work by these guys. I highly recommend their services .

Excellent SERVPRO franchise providing quick, clean, fast emergency water damage and mold remediation services to East Boston, Chelsea and Charlestown. Having seen dozens of the "post clean-up" sides of their projects, these are the folks to call if you experience a pipe freeze or water leak emergency in this area of Boston!

Chad let us know that he was pleased with our staffs’ knowledge, and professionalism was wonderful. He also stated that we were very attentive to his concerns and would recommend SERVPRO of East Boston, Chelsea, & Charlestown to his friends, family and colleagues, as well as reach out to use should he have another problem.

The punctuality was greatly appreciated as this was not a planned problem. The staff was very adept at what needed to be done and promptly got to work. I was very satisfied with what "GREAT SERVICE" I received.

I would definitely use their services again should I have anything happen again. The staff was able to answer all her questions and was very attentive to my concerns as the process progressed. Extremely satisfied with the service I received.

I had some water damage at my home. I was so pleased with how quickly the guys showed up and started to work on fixing my problem. They were able to get the house back to normal before any additional damage happened. Thank you

I have to say that the SERVPRO team that came to my house was so great. They were able to come right away and did not make me wait for them, they were on time. It was so appreciated.

Thank you Thank you Thank you... When you guys came out to my house I was worried about how the water was going to damage my house. You were able to make sure that did not happen. I would recommend you and your team to my friends and family that ever have a problem that you can help with.

SERVPRO, I believe they deal with black mold, and other issues. We used them about a year ago and they were a very professional team who came in and dealt with our issue swiftly

Ben, Thanks for taking care of the water damage in my condo. The two employees that came to the condo were very courteous and knowledgeable.

Now that the water mitigation project is complete, we want to say what an outstanding job SERVPRO from Revere did. Ben Charwat's highly skilled team were able to complete the water clean-up and carpet removal promptly under some difficult conditions. We would highly recommend them to others.

Your staff was very professional and courteous while working at my house. They did an excellent job cleaning up my basement boiler room. Thank you