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Proper planning is important all the time

While dealing with major water loss is always difficult. Many times proper planning can prevent some serious damage. 

This photo shows an area underneath a hand drying system in a bathroom. 

By not placing a non Permiable surface under the area, coupled with improper cleaning techniques. As you can see this over times creates builds up of damage. 

Plan accordingly for all situations and proper training staff on cleaning procedures can reduce the amount of damage over time. 

It is so much more than a job

When our staff makes a commitment to something they are all in. 

Opening lines of communication. Developing strong relationships. Cultivating a mentality and philosophy that it is just more than a number. Relationships are a key part of what we do at SERVPRO

Showing up is 90% of life. The rest is your response to what happens.

Responding is what we do so you can rest. Working hard to get you through any crisis with dedication, hard work and some good old fashioned know how. 

Because it is not always what you think

Our clients trust us. That being said they do not always know what is causing the water in their home. 

This client called and told us she had a roof leak but had to get to work. She left us the key and off she went. When our first contact field team member arrived to assess the situation. 

Well her “Roof leak” was an unchecked broken line from her toilet. 

Knowing what to look for and how to trouble shoot is why a SERVPRO professional is important.

Revere Annual Coat for Kids drive

This was our annual Revere coat for kids drive. The turn out was amazing and over 300 coats were donated along with over $4000 to aid in buying coats for the older kids who tend to not have donations due to the larger sizes extra cost.

The added toys this year to help make it extra special for the over 145 homeless children in Revere. With the extra coats they will be able to aid in children in the surrounding communities in need.

We love this event and look forward to participating every year.

Revere Annual Coat for Kids drive

This was our annual Revere coat for kids drive. The turn out was amazing and over 300 coats were donated along with over $4000 to aid in buying coats for the older kids who tend to not have donations due to the larger sizes extra cost.

The added toys this year to help make it extra special for the over 145 homeless children in Revere. With the extra coats they will be able to aid in children in the surrounding communities in need.

We love this event and look forward to participating every year.

Soot from a fire gets everywhere

Soot can be an easy problem or a very difficult one. Knowing how to care for it before it becomes more difficult is key. Do not just wipe an area down that has been affected by the soot and not the actual fire. This can press the particles deep into the material making it impossible to get out . Make sure you are using the right materials and NO water is not the right medium to use. When in doubt contact a professional

Innocent looking storm damage

While this photo looks like a large room with a blue floor. This is actually a room severely affected by storm damage. The room is below sea level in a part of Boston essentially built from the water. Filled in to create living space. Not only was the storm water excessive but contaminated. Looking closely at the photo you will edges of the flooring are more turned up. The glue holding the tiles down has become detached. The entire floor has to come up and due to the age of the building tested for asbestos. Which it was not. There are a lot of hidden damages that happen when there is a storm don't go it alone  

So you sent the Restoration company home

Just because you think that everything is dry visually does not mean that it is. When you tell the company to leave because the fans are too loud and that they have to much stuff in your way. This is the type of thing that can happen. Moisture lies dormant and with the heat and humidity in the homes during the summer plumes of mold start to appear on objects slowly spreading around your home. This is not ideal and secondary damage from mold due to improper drying many times is not covered. Which is why they have you sign waivers. 

Invisible Water

Storms bring a lot of water and damage.Once the standing water is gone. It is time to look for invisible water. Many times water will leave a mark on materials it came in contact with. Known also as a water mark. All too often though the water lurks within the materials such as walls, wood, and insulation. This water is not always visible Moisture Meters are used to measure how much water is really in the  materials and how much more drying is needed. Do not be fooled especially after a storm, the water you can not see can cause the biggest problems if not taken care of properly

Water and tiles

When water gets on tile be it ceramic or linoleum it does not just sit on the top. It seeps underneath and can many times ruin the adhesive. This requires new tiles to be laid down. commercial properties have to be careful for if the tiles start to let go the will pop up and create a tripping hazard.  

Kitchen Fire

Most fires start in the kitchen 41% of them actually. Cooking equipment and unattended stoves account for most of that. What does this mean for you and your home most home fires can be prevented. Life happens make sure you have fire extinguishers available and pay attention

Golf Tournament

We are proud to announce that SERVPRO of East Boston Chelsea Charlestown will be sponsoring the Revere Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament on May 19th 2017. It will be hosted at Mount Hood Golf Course in Medford Ma. There will be foursome teams competing in a shotgun style tournament.  Thankfully for us they are offering Do over’s for $5 each. 

This tournament offers will be offering its players Commemorating Tee-Shirts, free give aways, goodie bags. There will be meet and greets with local business owners followed up by an awards ceremony and a BBQ style luncheon. Trophies will be awarded to the winners at the end of the lunch. There will be Raffles, donated by local businesses, available to win as well.

You can play as a team or individually… Let us know if you need information and we will see you there.

Drying Chambers

You do not always have to dry an entire room. Many times on part of an area was damaged with water. Well guess what you only dry that part of the area. This save time and improves the chances of drying things out properly. This level of experience involves a lot of training and development of our team to ensure we bring nothing but the best to you.

Containment Chamber

This containment chamber was set up to help dry marble floors in the room above. This method aids in drying efforts of expensive floor to salvage a floor rather than having to rip it up and start over. All too many times people are so quick to want things ripped up when it can be saved. In conjunction with drying mats above this floor should be back to normal in no time.

Water damage in Church in South Boston

No one is immune from water damage this church was experiencing their 3rd water loss in less than a year. They had just finished replacing this floor when over 5000 gallons of water poured from not one but two broken pipes in the basement. One on each side of the room. We responded quickly to get up the water and try and save the floor.

Storm damage in a Boston Restaurant.

Storms in Boston in the winter do not always mean feet and feet of snow. It can mean feet and feet of water, frozen water. This is a prime example of that. Storms caused internal damage due to frozen pipes. This results in no heat or electricity for safety reasons so many times our team has to tough it out in partially frozen water. These are not ideal conditions to work in. Boston in the winter

Pipe Break in Boston during deep freeze

February 2016 a deep freeze settled over Boston a lot of buildings had pipes burst many businesses were affected as they were on the bottom floors of these buildings. Loss of business can be devastating so we answered the calls to get them back together as quickly as possible. Ceilings are not the only thing lost in this sort of damage. Marketing materials, food, and time are valuable.

Basement of Restaurant in Boston

Not all accidents are caused from something internal. This flooded restaurant was caused from a construction company working out in the street. It caused a lot of dirty water to flood the entire basement area. Within even just hours there were flies swarming indicating the contamination levels of the water that had infiltrated the restaurant. Restaurants in Boston do not take any chances, they call the professionals.

Smoke Damage from a nearby fire

DO NOT CLEAN SMOKE DAMAGE with soap and water it will make the problems worse and push the odor deeper into the materials. Smoke damage does not have to be from a fire or incident within your home. Due to his microscopic nature damage from a fire in your neighborhood can infiltrate your home and make for a serious mess. Having a specialist with the right tools to eliminate these odors is important to the health and wellness of everyone inside your home. Smoke odor removal should be kept to the professionals

Always move your appliances seasonally

The convenience of having a washer and dryer in your home is always nice. Moving it is always a pain but is strongly recommended. When you do your deep cleaning for the changes of the season, please move any appliance that has a water source or is near one. You never know when a washing machine over flowed and you failed to notice and some of the standing water dried up. An ice maker in the kitchen stopped working and water pooled under the refrigerator. These seem trivial. Just look at the damage when it starts to creep into your view point. Catching a problem before it gets bad like this will save you a headache and a lot of damage down the road

Containment System

Just because you have water or fire damage in part of your home. Does not mean your entire home has to be affected. Setting up a proper containment system will limit the damage to the affected areas only. Soot and dust from any demolition that needs to be done can be astounding. Keeping it contained is part of being a professional

Move out required

Many times cleaning up after fire and water damage moving things out of your home is required. There are a variety of options for you to choose and many home owners like to have their items stay on their property and choose movable PODS. We do not recommend this and have trusted movers that will move your things out and store them in a climate controlled unit until your home is ready. There are several reasons this is a better option but the most important is there is an additional layer of security should something happen. When stored outside and subjected to the cold items become brittle and can break. Someone could break into the unit and steal your items. The POD could be warped or damaged and leak there is no warranty from damage that occurs items stored within. This same thing applies to non climate controlled storage units.You are already going through a lot do not risk adding to it.

Mushrooms growing in 2 days

Water Damage is always a devastating problem. Making matters worse is when that water comes from a toilet or sewer back up. This water is very contaminated and is an immediate health hazard. Never assume you will be able to handle this type of damage on your own. Here is an example of a client who was going to leave everything as they had cleaned it up to avoid a weekend emergency call. Monday morning they woke up and had mushrooms growing from the ceiling. This is very contaminated water Do not attempt to clean it up, walk through it our touch things it has come into contact without protective gear.

Mold from water damage someone tried to clean up themselves

Water always follows the path of least resistance. Just because you cleaned up all the visible water does not mean the job is done. If it gets in between your walls the insulation provides a breeding ground for some very nasty stuff that you may not see for a long time. An important part of the drying process after a water damage is opening up walls and removing wet insulation.

Moisture Readings

Just because you can not see water damage does not mean there is not any. Drywall is like a sponge and will absorb water up as soon as the water hits it. It is important to use moisture readers to see not only how high the water damage goes but just how saturated the floors, walls and ceiling really are. Leave it to professionals because if it is not dry enough things start to grow

Biohazard Cleanup

Many times the type of water that backs up into a home is not safe walk through. We have specialized contaiment suits to ensure the safety of our crew. Please do not just wade through water many back ups contain sewage or other containaments. Be safe and call a professional

Ice Dams

In the winter a clogged gutter will push the water back towards the home. When this happens the water will find the path of least resistance and usually that will mean into your attic. Keeping your gutters cleaned out will help avoid problems in the future.

Smoke and Fire Damage

Cooking is the #1 cause of home fires..and everything must be cleaned properly the oder will be infused through everything even in areas of the home that you can not see. Make sure that you get everything cleaned properly or you will notice it for years to come.

Junk Removal

Most people with a two car garage can hardly even hold one car. This is caused by having too much stuff. Dwarfed only by the number of people in this country that hold storage units on a monthly basis. We are only using 20% of our stuff 80% of the time. Getting rid of things you have not used will get your orgaized, and feeling a sense of freedom. Get rid of old junk today

Mold in your home

Mold inside your home is inevitable the kind of mold that is there is what you need to be careful of. Many molds are harmless but Black mold is not. Making sure you know what sort of mold is in your home if you find something like this is very important. If you are not sure call a professional to check it out for you. Better safe than sorry

Flooding into a home through the walls

Water will always find a way.. Storm damage is nothing to take lightly. Walking into a mess can be daunting. Working with a professional that will be with you every step of the way

We love our community

We have joined a local BNI to really connect to the pulse of the community. We have been found a home among the Boston Financial District and they have welcomed us. It is a great feeling of community and we hope to be adding more groups and events to our sleeve shortly. Stay tuned

ECO-Friendly Cleaning Products

Whenever possible we strive to use eco-friendly products. That is not always easy since we deal with some pretty nasty stuff sometimes. We do keep our eye on the ball and will make sure that when we are able to we use the best one for the job

Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpets clean can be a challenge. Especiallly in high traffic areas. Getting that deep down clean twice a year will maximize the life of your carpets, reduce allergens that are trapped in the fibers and improve indoor air quality. Set your appointment

Emergency Ready Plans.. Save Businesses

Did you know that 50% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster and the ones that do had a plan in place before hand to expidite the process. SERVPRO of East Boston can get your business ready at the touch of an app. Go on vacation with the peace of mind knowing you can solve the problem with out being tied to your desk. Call today and ask us how

10,000 Gallons of water =

When 10,000 yes 10,000 gallons of water dumps into a restaurant .. There is bound to be some trash. This is only half a days worth of debris removal. Water Damage can be tremendous

Walls and ceilings must come down

It is not always about just the water. Drywall is a very absorbent material and many times unsalvageable. When this happens not only do the walls and ceilings have to come down but each screw must be take out and all insulation removed to aid in the drying process

Multi- Level Water Damage

Water does not just stay on one floor. When it gets in between the walls and floors the damage can remain unseen unless the rooms, corridors and hallways are gutted. Many times the walls crumble to the touch when there is too much water inside which is what happened here.

Drying is important

Many times we can slavage floors and walls if notified soon enough. Our drying equipment can extract water from within the floors and walls but waiting allows it to soak in. See how the floor is buckled up in this photo this was water that sat for more than a week because the owner thought they dried it all up. Dont go it alone


When our country calls we answer.....Having an emergency at a national landmark is always a scary thing but luckly they know who to call to be faster to any disaster...