Commercial Photo Gallery

Water and tiles

When water gets on tile be it ceramic or linoleum it does not just sit on the top. It seeps underneath and can many times ruin the adhesive. This requires new tiles to be laid down. commercial properties have to be careful for if the tiles start to let go the will pop up and create a tripping hazard.  

Water damage in Church in South Boston

No one is immune from water damage this church was experiencing their 3rd water loss in less than a year. They had just finished replacing this floor when over 5000 gallons of water poured from not one but two broken pipes in the basement. One on each side of the room. We responded quickly to get up the water and try and save the floor.

Pipe Break in Boston during deep freeze

February 2016 a deep freeze settled over Boston a lot of buildings had pipes burst many businesses were affected as they were on the bottom floors of these buildings. Loss of business can be devastating so we answered the calls to get them back together as quickly as possible. Ceilings are not the only thing lost in this sort of damage. Marketing materials, food, and time are valuable.

Basement of Restaurant in Boston

Not all accidents are caused from something internal. This flooded restaurant was caused from a construction company working out in the street. It caused a lot of dirty water to flood the entire basement area. Within even just hours there were flies swarming indicating the contamination levels of the water that had infiltrated the restaurant. Restaurants in Boston do not take any chances, they call the professionals.