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Containment System

Just because you have water or fire damage in part of your home. Does not mean your entire home has to be affected. Setting up a proper containment system will limit the damage to the affected areas only. Soot and dust from any demolition that needs to be done can be astounding. Keeping it contained is part of being a professional

Move out required

Many times cleaning up after fire and water damage moving things out of your home is required. There are a variety of options for you to choose and many home owners like to have their items stay on their property and choose movable PODS. We do not recommend this and have trusted movers that will move your things out and store them in a climate controlled unit until your home is ready. There are several reasons this is a better option but the most important is there is an additional layer of security should something happen. When stored outside and subjected to the cold items become brittle and can break. Someone could break into the unit and steal your items. The POD could be warped or damaged and leak there is no warranty from damage that occurs items stored within. This same thing applies to non climate controlled storage units.You are already going through a lot do not risk adding to it.

Junk Removal

Most people with a two car garage can hardly even hold one car. This is caused by having too much stuff. Dwarfed only by the number of people in this country that hold storage units on a monthly basis. We are only using 20% of our stuff 80% of the time. Getting rid of things you have not used will get your orgaized, and feeling a sense of freedom. Get rid of old junk today

Drying is important

Many times we can slavage floors and walls if notified soon enough. Our drying equipment can extract water from within the floors and walls but waiting allows it to soak in. See how the floor is buckled up in this photo this was water that sat for more than a week because the owner thought they dried it all up. Dont go it alone