Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Soot from a fire gets everywhere

Soot can be an easy problem or a very difficult one. Knowing how to care for it before it becomes more difficult is key. Do not just wipe an area down that has been affected by the soot and not the actual fire. This can press the particles deep into the material making it impossible to get out . Make sure you are using the right materials and NO water is not the right medium to use. When in doubt contact a professional

Kitchen Fire

Most fires start in the kitchen 41% of them actually. Cooking equipment and unattended stoves account for most of that. What does this mean for you and your home most home fires can be prevented. Life happens make sure you have fire extinguishers available and pay attention

Smoke Damage from a nearby fire

DO NOT CLEAN SMOKE DAMAGE with soap and water it will make the problems worse and push the odor deeper into the materials. Smoke damage does not have to be from a fire or incident within your home. Due to his microscopic nature damage from a fire in your neighborhood can infiltrate your home and make for a serious mess. Having a specialist with the right tools to eliminate these odors is important to the health and wellness of everyone inside your home. Smoke odor removal should be kept to the professionals

Smoke and Fire Damage

Cooking is the #1 cause of home fires..and everything must be cleaned properly the oder will be infused through everything even in areas of the home that you can not see. Make sure that you get everything cleaned properly or you will notice it for years to come.