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3/1/2017 (Permalink)

Clean interior demolition with no screws pieces of drywall or materials stuck to the floor is important when prepping a room



There are many types of demolition. However we are going to talk about interior non structural demolition. This occurs for many reasons, home remodel, Water, mold, or fire damage, asbestos or lead abatement and more. This work can be done on any building commercial, residential and  in the public or private sector. Many times this work is a necessary as a result of damage of some sort. There are times that a home or building owner has decided to remodel and modernize an area or entire building.


Many remediation companies are called in after there has been some sort of catastrophe. When a pipe break, ice dam or even a fire occurs it can leave a home in ruins. At times they are called when you have tried to clean up some water damage yourself because if you cannot see it is gone right? Maybe you did not even  know that you had the damage. This can result in mold, and a lot of it. When that happens there is a lot more work that needs to happen. These companies are trained to handle this sort of disaster and are adept at containing the damage to affected areas of your home as well as cutting down the dust and contaminates that  could permeate to others areas of your home. With special equipment like HEPPA filters, air Scrubbers and professionally set up containment systems you can find confidence that they will keep you and your family or staff safe.


That knowledge and expertise makes them the perfect selection for a future remodel job that you are under taking. That same level of care with containment systems and air filters may be lacking in other construction companies as they do not deal with times that it may affect people’s health and safety. These containment areas also reduce the amount of dust that infiltrates your home which makes for a less costly and clean up once the job is done.

Many times there are abandoned, or foreclosed buildings that banks are trying to unload that have been damaged from neglect. This neglect can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars reducing the profit on getting the building sold. This results in great deals for those willing to do the work. Banks are not in the business of owning property so they must move on it as quickly as possible. General Contractors will many times buy these properties for very reasonable rates and refurbish them to sell a few months later. Most of these homes need to be fully gutted. While the foundation and the studs of the building are fine the rest needs to go.


Calling a company that deals with the interior of buildings such as fire water and mold restoration companies is a clear choice. They are have knowledge, man power and skills to get the building down to the studs with clean demolition (We will get into that in a moment). They are able to improve the air quality for your rebuild team to go in. In addition they are able to suppress any mold that is found before a rebuild team starts to cover it back up. They can remediate the existing mold and utilize their special anti- fungal and anti-microbial sprays to eliminate any issues that could pop up down the line if your guys did not see it or know what they were looking at.

Ok so clean demolition, what is that? Often a demolition company will come in and rip out a wall, pull down a ceiling and get to the studs of a home. They forget to take out all of the screws, leave a tack strip against the wall from a carpet that was laid down. Maybe they even make cuts that are well similar to what you 3 year old tried to do in the garage. We have seen it and it happens all the time.  Clean demolition accounts for all of these things so that every screw is removed, every piece of drywall removed and done with precision cuts no jagged edges or ripped drywall.  It ensures that there are no issues that will pop up later down the road from water damage that was not dried properly. Mold will not continue to grow if already present due to the anti- fungal and anti-microbial sprays. This can seem like a higher upfront cost than traditional demolition but trust us.  In the long run there is always a savings in the end.

So when your home project needs some demolition turn to the companies that area already in the business with good habits and a keen eye. Because you never know what is behind those walls.

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