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Removing Junk??? Choose the right company

2/5/2016 (Permalink)

Junk Removal needed

Making decisions is tough. When faced with the need to eliminate clutter, clean out a home from a loved ones passing or just down size there are always decisions to make. Some will be tough and during these difficult times you made need some help. Working with the right company will make all the difference. One suggestion we have is that you hire a professional organizer, they will provide you with guidance and suggestions on what is really necessary to keep, donate or toss. They will also be able to provide you with valuable information on how to maximize your space and be as efficient as possible.

Finding a company to help you get rid of stuff is easy they are all over the place. Finding the right one that will do the job properly is a very different story. Many companies are one guy and his truck making ends meet while others are part of a franchise. There are ways for you to make the right choice. There are companies out there that have the local connections with all the right professionals to make sure that you entire ordeal goes smoothly.

Besides being able to get rid of the items you need the best companies will have collaborations with professional organizers,  Interior Designers, and contractors so that they can provide you a one stop resource to get back to living "Like it never even happened"

Below we have a few things for you to look out for when choosing the right company for help.

1. Quick removal.

A key measure of a good company is the speed at which they are able to get your task completed. Many clients have already made the decision that there are things that need to be removed. Meaning that they want them gone yesterday and will not wait a week for someone to show up and remove them. The good companies will be able to get to you and your stuff within 24-48 hours. Any more than that can highlight problems.

The junk removal industry considers the amount of time from customer contact to actual removal as one of the yard sticks of a good service provider. This is a service business and usually by the time a customer picks up the phone, the pile of debris is ready to go. The good ones can coordinate a pick-up with 24 to 48 hours of your call.

2. Every item goes.

There should be very few items that a good junk removal company will not take. Of those you can expect to see fertilizer, hazardous materials, and used oil. There are special companies for that. All of your other items they should be able to accommodate. If it is a reputable company they will find way to make your junk removal happen no matter the size of the job or items.

3. Adequate resources.

No matter the size of the job the company should show up with the right equipment and the proper manpower to handle the job. While the job size may vary you will find that the proper company will be able to remove one item from your home or everything from multiple locations. They should also have the ability to use dumpsters for larger jobs but also be able to work in tight area where the streets are narrower. The removal is only part of the job and while the items may not be your concern it is always a good idea to make sure they have a place to dispose of the items you want removed. There could be ramifications should the items be improperly disposed

4. Certifiable skills.

The staff should have proper training and proper crew size to handle the job at hand. The crew should be professional, courteous and diligent about the clean up process. Proper training ensures that all items are removed carefully without causing any damage and they do not leave more of a mess. and continues with how to carefully remove the items and not make more of a mess.

5. Competitive price.

Be wary of the pricing structure that is easy to follow. The easiest way to understand the pricing is if it is the volume or the amount of space it takes up. Many will base the pricing on the amount of time it takes along with the weight of the items. This makes it hard for you as the client to know the true price unless you go to the dump with the guys when the truck is weighed.

6. Proper disposal.

Speaking of disposal. The best companies will have the environment in mind and work to keep as much material out of landfills as possible. This means having a strong understanding of what is able to be recycled and having an established relationship with the facilities. They must also know the things that will be hazardous if put into a landfill and have the ability to dispose of them accordingly. If they are good at what they do as a worst case scenario they should be able to keep 50% of what you give them out of the landfill. Not only that but they should be able to provide you with that information about what will be happening to your stuff. That being said hoarding cases are a very different scenario as much of that stuff tends to be hazardous and cannot be recycled.

7. Clean-up.

This is probably the most important time of the process but is the pivotal piece of information you need to ask about upfront. They have to be willing to put the finishing touches on the work that they do. Sweeping up after the debris is gone and making sure the area is ready for the next stages. Be it new construction, design work, or just living less cluttered.

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